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Project Description
The BF3 (Battlefield 3) RCON Simulator is a tool that simulates the RCON interface of an actual BF3 server. It allows developers to test their programs without having an impact on an actual server.

This code has been abandoned. In order to make a truly useful simulator, the simulator would have to emulate a server exactly. Due to poor documentation and somewhat poor implementation, simulating a BF3 server is far too much work to do alone. Should the documentation and the RCON interface be improved, I'll work on this project again. If you'd like to coordinate this project, please contact me.

This project seeks to match an actual server in every aspect. If you notice some functionality that doesn't match a server's, please create an issue in the issue tracker.

Source Control
Since this will be a simple, one-man project, source control will only contain the current code, no branches or anything.

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